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Steiner MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) 1x Red Dot - 3.3 MOA

Steiner MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) 1x Red Dot - 3.3 MOA

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Steiner brings battle-proven durability and mil-spec ruggedness to pistol red dots with the NEW MPS (Micro Pistol Sight). All-metal construction and enhanced sidewalls completely seal in the emitter. A recessed window with a metal hood blocks objects from reaching the front lens making this one of the toughest pistol sights ever created.

  • Battle Proven Durability
  • Compact Size (2.05oz)
  • Daylight Bright Dot
  • 13,000 hour Battery Life
  • True 1X
  • Aimpoint ACRO mounting footprint
  • Best used direct mounted or with a Forward Controls Design adaptor plate
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